We've always been BIG on community

Established in 2020 to build on the great work of the past thirteen years, the Warriors Community Foundation strives to connect, educate and inspire our local communities.


We were founded on the belief that rugby league is more than just a sport, but an avenue to bring people from all walks of life together, in a shared passion, who care about their families and the communities they are part of.

We tackle social issues with programmes and community initiatives that support mental health, anti-bullying, literacy, and other wellbeing skills that support success for our youth.

Our Vision

To leverage the energy, values, and mana of the Vodafone Warriors as a platform for promoting positive social change that makes a difference in New Zealand communities.

Our goal is to deliver initiatives that promote positive social outcomes that are relevant and topical. Our foundation will enable us to tailor initiatives that can deliver stronger more resilient communities.

Our Programmes

What We Do

The Warriors Community Foundation uses the Warriors' brand name, players and former players to connect, educate and inspire our youth positively and proactively.

We are passionate and skilled at designing and delivering innovative programmes that leverage the Vodafone Warriors' energy, values and mana to promote positive change in physical health, literacy and life skills.

Many of our players were born and raised in New Zealand. This gives our players a unique perspective that allows them to be accessible, authentic and, aspirational to our communities.