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Coaching Insights with One NZ Warriors Head Coach - Andrew Webster

Warriors Coach Q and A with Andrew Webster

Event:Coaching Insights with One NZ Warriors Head Coach - Andrew Webster

Date:Friday 16 February 2024

Venue: Halswell Rugby League Club

Halswell Road



NRL All Stars Match On Screen (10.00pm Kick Off)

In what will be an exciting weekend for rugby league fans in the South Island, the Warriors and NZRL are inviting the local coaching community to share in an evening with Warriors head coach Andrew Webster and some of his Warriors Support staff. Find out more about what makes him tick as a coach, insights behind his team and success so far, as well as an opportunity learn more about what successful coaching looks like.

To enrol you will need to register with the NZRL coach learning platform Sport Tutor.

Step 1. Registering with Sport Tutor: Click the link: www.sporttutor.nz/nzrl and watch How to register to SportTutor

Step 2. Finding the courses: This is shown in Step 2 of How to register to SportTutor.

How can my business help? Take the opportunity to help the community through partnership with the Warriors Community Foundation.

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